Signal by TAXI


Bales Beall


Bales Beall LLP is a top-tier specialty law firm based in downtown Toronto. They came to us in need of a new identity and visual language that would reflect a distinct and meaningful brand purpose and customer benefits.

While the company is considered the best in the business, with high-net-worth clients and a reputation for providing exceptional strategic counsel, they didn’t look the part. Their visual identity didn’t reflect who they are, which is rooted in a set of principled core values.

The firm needed Signal to help them tell their story and give new life to their visual identity. They chose us for our strategic rigour and our belief in the power of strategically led design work that gets to the very heart of a brand and what it can signify to the world.


The field of personal legal advisors is a competitive and crowded one. A company’s work and reputation are what help them stand out amongst with referral firms and clients alike. Bales Beall is highly regarded on both these measures.

However, crafting their story and sharing it in a way that would be heard clearly by referral firm about required a distinctive positioning and identity.


The Signal team uncovered a core desire among Bales Beall’s clients to feel in control during what are some of the most uncertain and trying times in their lives. We also identified a strong belief in quality service as a distinction and a focus on collaborative problem solving amongst the team at Bales Beall. That led us to the insight that theirs was a culture and business that provided their clients with the best path forward.


The challenge for this assignment was to create a new brand identity for Bales Beall LLP that reflected the brand benefit uncovered by Signal.

The visual language and application of the new brand identity needed to position Bales Beall as a top-tier law firm on the national stage and reflect the world-class nature of their offering.


Signal has provided a distinctive and dynamic visual identity for the firm that tells their story in an engaging way and reflects the top-tier, strong, sophisticated and contemporary brand that it is. We created a new visual identity, corporate stationery and an entirely new digital experience.