Signal by TAXI


Centric Mining Systems


When NCS Technologies chose Signal to reposition their brand, the mining industry was in the midst of a confidence crisis. Low confidence in cost controls, return on capital, and commodity prices were keeping industry leaders awake at night. To add to those concerns, the mining industry had stopped outperforming the broader equity markets, and mining stocks had fallen nearly 20%. In response, miners needed to rebuild the market’s confidence. Fortunately, NCS was well-positioned to help these operations to do just that. Unfortunately, they were inhibited by the lack of a distinctive brand; a brand that stood out in a sea of sameness. NCS had no real perceived advantage in the market, which ultimately limited their growth potential. Further, NCS offered a product that was only being used by early adopters but the market was much, much bigger. They needed to “cross the chasm” into mass adoption.

Signal embraced the challenge to transform NCS into a brand that would cut through their competitors clutter and deliver a brand platform that would be meaningful to clients, deliver qualified leads, and ultimately grow their business. In short, we were excited about the opportunity to build a distinctive brand – it’s what we do best.


We learned that although customers were struggling with accountability and that the industry was under immense pressure to perform, the only thing that miners – even the most senior miners – really care about is digging in the dirt.

NSC had been successful by providing their target audiences with a clear view of an entire, complex mining operation, allowing miners to get back to the business of digging in the dirt.

The Task

Rebrand NSC with a more relevant, impactful name and bring their “clear view” positioning to life across multiple communication channels: from corporate presentations and stationery to their website and trade-show displays.


Since the formal introduction of Centric’s new brand and positioning their sales funnel has grown by 300% and web traffic has increased by nearly 500%.

“I am convinced that our position as a company has dramatically improved since the brand launch.” – Chris Novak

In addition to strong quantitative metrics, Centric’s president proudly attributes Signal’s work and the new Centric branding to their rise in status to that of a true global competitor.